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Engineered Hardwood


White Oak Engineered Hardwood Ottawa

When you choose an engineered hardwood from Xpression Flooring, you’ll get the beautiful look of solid hardwood in a wider board. Engineered hardwood also has increased stability in more humid conditions, and it’s a more eco-friendly flooring option as well.

From our Collection

  • Click Smoke Grey

  • Click Sky

  • Click Natural

  • Click Hazelnut

  • Click Fortino

  • Click Day Break

  • Click Coffee

  • Wheat Berry

  • Torino

  • Sunset

  • Stormy Grey

  • Snowwhite

  • Snow Flake

  • Smoke Grey

  • Sky

  • Silver Stone

  • Sandy Grey

  • Sand Castle

  • Richmond Gold

  • Naked Oak

  • Naked Oak #2

  • Milkyway

  • Landmark

  • Ivory

  • Fortino

  • English Manor

  • Driftwood

  • Day Break

  • Day Break #2

  • Coyote

  • Coffee

  • Cloud

  • Clay Beige

  • Charcoal

  • Camel

  • Winchester

  • Victorian Oak

  • Thornton

  • Romance

  • Milano

  • Iron

  • Imperial Oak

  • Georgian Oak

  • Galaxy

  • Country Brown

  • Colonial Oak

  • Cascade

  • Oak Moraine

  • Bedrock

  • Lagom

  • Rhine River

  • Pando

  • Levee

  • Nordic Sand

  • St. Lucia

  • Santorini

  • Summit

  • Stratus

  • Mountain Peak Oak

  • Northern Castle

  • Petichor Oak

  • Cliff Oak

  • Sahara

  • Kings Landing

  • Sunspear

  • Winterfell

  • Tundra

  • Santa Monica

  • Beverly Hill

  • Malibu

  • Oxnard Dunes

  • Sardania (white oak)

  • Tahiti (white oak)

  • Stromboli (white oak)

  • White Island Oak

Advantages of White Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring

There are many reasons to choose white oak engineered hardwood flooring, including its timeless appeal, its versatility, and its durability

Classic look

White oak is a timeless flooring option that can fit easily into any decor. From rustic to contemporary, this wood’s lighter grain and uniform look is the perfect backdrop for your furniture. White oak can be stained with a number of handsome finishes if you want a deeper colour.

Available as wider planks

If you love the look of 5” wide planks, then you’ll be glad to know that it’s an option with engineered hardwood. 5”, 6”, and 7” wide boards are becoming increasingly more popular.


Engineered hardwood is constructed of many layers of plywood, each glued in a separate direction and then pressurized. These layers provide a stable base for the thick layer of veneer that you see on top.

Too much humidity can cause any wood to bend or warp over time. Because of its multiple layers, engineered flooring is less susceptible to temperature and humidity fluctuations.


White oak flooring is extremely long lasting and tough, with a Janka rating of 1,360. That means it can stand up to heavy traffic from every member of your house, from pets cornering at high speeds to kids dropping toys.

Can be refinished

Only engineered hardwood with a thicker layer of veneer can be refinished to enhance its longevity. Xpression stocks excellent quality engineered flooring that can be refinished if needed as the years pass.

Flexible installation

Engineered hardwood flooring is easy to install. Floating engineered hardwood can be installed over many types of subfloors because the pieces fit together with the click-and-lock method. This results in engineered hardwood floating over the sub-floor rather than being nailed to it.

More eco-friendly

Engineered hardwood requires fewer trees, which is great for our environment.

XPression: Expert Guidance

If you’re not sure where to begin with your engineered hardwood flooring project, our highly knowledgeable Ottawa flooring experts are happy to answer your questions. We can also help with flooring installation.

Simply drop by our Ottawa showroom or give us a call for a quote at 613-688-2080.

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