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Hardwood Flooring


Ottawa Hardwood Flooring

Are you looking for trusted hardwood flooring experts in Ottawa? We have many years of experience supplying and installing a wide variety of solid hardwood flooring including oak, maple, walnut, birch, hickory and more.

Visit our showroom or call us today to talk to a flooring expert.

Benefits of Solid Hardwood Flooring

There are many reasons why hardwood has been the top flooring choice for homeowners and designers for decades.

Makes a lasting impression

If you want to impress your guests, hardwood floors are a solid choice.

Lasts a lifetime

With proper care, hardwood floors can bring beauty to your home for generations.

Adds value to your home

Home buyers are willing to pay more for solid hardwood floors.

Can be refinished

Solid hardwood can be sanded down and refinished multiple times during its lifespan.

Low maintenance

It’s easy to clean hardwood with a simple sweep, Swiffer or damp mop.

Versatile style

The timeless beauty of hardwood compliments a variety of interior design styles.

Better air quality

Unlike carpet, hardwood doesn’t harbour dust, dander, particulate and other common allergens.

From our Collection

  • Winery: Red-Oak Sauvignon

  • Winery: Red-Oak Malbec

  • Winery: Red-Oak Cabernet

  • Winery: Red-Oak Brunello

  • Winery: Maple Sauvignon

  • Winery: Maple Malbec

  • Winery: Maple Cabernet

  • Winery: Maple Brunello

  • Wild West: Red-Oak Walnut

  • Wild West: Red-Oak Urban Grey

  • Wild West: Red-Oak Pyramid

  • Wild West: Red-Oak Nevada

  • Wild West: Red-Oak Natural

  • Wild West: Red-Oak Moka

  • Wild West: Red-Oak Haze

  • Wild West: Red-Oak Graphite

  • Wild West: Red-Oak Copper Gunstock

  • Wild West: Red-Oak Charcoal

  • Wild West: Ash Walnut

  • Wild West: Ash Urban Grey

  • Wild West: Ash Nevada

  • Wild West: Ash Natural

  • Wild West: Ash Moka

  • Wild West: Ash Haze

  • Wild West: Ash Graphite

  • Wild West: Ash Copper Gunstock

  • Wild West: Ash Charcoal

  • Red-Brown Oiled White Oak

  • Graystained-White Oiled White Oak

  • Gray-White Stained White Oak

  • Natural Oiled White Oak

  • Dark Brown Oiled White Oak Flooring

  • Gray-White Oiled White Oak

  • White Oak Natural Character

  • White Oak Natural Select

  • Birch Natural Character

  • Birch Natural Select

  • Ash Natural Character

  • Hickory Natural Character

  • Maple Natural Character

  • Maple Natural Select

  • Red Oak Natural Select

  • Red Oak Natural Character

  • Tauari (chestnut)

  • Jatoba (Royal)

  • Tauari

  • Sucupira

  • Tigerwood

  • Jatoba (Brazillian Cherry)

How to Choose Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring, which is made of thick planks of wood coated in a thin protective layer, comes in a variety of species, colours and finishes. These are factors that you’ll want to consider when planning your Ottawa hardwood flooring project.

Would you like to compliment your home’s decor with the warm elegance of red-brown maple flooring? Or would you prefer the cool, neutral tones of grey white oak?

The grain patterns and width of the planks are also important considerations. Would you like plain-sawn wood with traditional wood grain patterns? Or are you enamoured with the irregular specs and unique patterns of quarter-sawn wood?

Our Flooring Experts Are Here to Help

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what kind of hardwood flooring to choose for your project. Our flooring experts are highly knowledgeable and always happy to answer your questions. We can also help with flooring installation.

Flooring Installation

Simply drop by our showroom or give us a call for a quote at 613-688-2080.

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