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Hardwood Flooring


Birch Flooring

Birch flooring is a beautiful, durable and more affordable choice for your home. It has a wonderful variety of patterns in each plank that can be accentuated with a natural finish or made less obvious with a stain.

From our Collection

  • Birch Natural Character

  • Birch Natural Select

Benefits of Birch Flooring

Eye-Catching Beauty

Birch is an eye-catching flooring option. Each piece of birch offers a beautiful contrast between the sapwood (the lighter, blond colour) and heartwood (the darker colour). The grain is densely packed.

It’s an ideal choice for contemporary or rustic looks, or if you just want to have the kind of natural variety in appearance that says, ‘this is real wood’.

Birch can be difficult to stain evenly, so this is a project best left to manufacturers like ours, who have a time-tested process.


Birch hardwood flooring is durable, with a Janka hardness rating of 1260 (a Janka rating of 960 or above is considered excellent for flooring). Birch is harder than walnut, but not as hard as oak or maple.

If your home experiences medium to heavy foot traffic, including high-heeled shoes and your four-legged friend running throughout — birch is an excellent choice.


Birch trees grow quickly, are hardy, and are often some of the first trees to renew areas that have been ravaged by forest fires. This makes them a more eco-friendly and affordable flooring option.

They grow prolifically in Canada, which makes them less carbon-intensive to transport. Almost all of our flooring is grown and processed in Canada.

XPression: Expert Guidance

With birch flooring you can have it all: affordability, durability, a distinctive look, and supporting our environment.

Not sure what kind of hardwood flooring to choose for your project? Our flooring experts are highly knowledgeable and always happy to answer your questions. We can also help with flooring installation.

Simply drop by our showroom or give us a call for a quote at 613-688-2080.

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