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Hardwood Flooring


Exotic Hardwood Flooring

With exotic hardwood flooring, you can bring the beauty of the tropics into your home.

We offer four species in our exotic flooring collection: jatoba, tigerwood, tauari, and sucupira. Each of these hardwoods features intricate grain patterns that you simply can’t get with any other type of wood. They’re all also extremely durable for long term value.

From our Collection

  • Tauari (chestnut)

  • Jatoba (Royal)

  • Tauari

  • Sucupira

  • Tigerwood

  • Jatoba (Brazillian Cherry)

Benefits of Exotic Hardwood Flooring

Each of the four exotic hardwood species we offer has its own unique appeal:

  • Tauari (Brazilian white oak)
  • Tigerwood
  • Sucupira (Brazilian wild walnut)
  • Jatoba (Brazilian cherry)
Tauari: A Classic Approach

Tauari has a similar appearance to red oak with its medium grain, but is much harder at 1,600 on the Janka scale (as opposed to 1,290 for red oak). When given a clear or natural finish, it retains its pale colour very well over time. Like many other dense tropical hardwoods, tauari is very resistant to insects and moisture damage.

Tigerwood: Dramatically Unique

Tigerwood has a dramatic appearance with its bold, contrasting stripes that can be fine or very wide — perfect for adding life to a neutral colour scheme. When given a clear finish, it has a golden orange colour with dark brown and/or black stripes, and gets deeper over time. For a more subtle look, a darker finish will reduce the contrast. No matter the finish, Tigerwood is very hard (2,160 on the Janka scale), and is a great choice for homes with pets and children. It’s also highly resistant to humidity, insects and fungus.

Sucupira: Stylish Personality

If you’re looking for a bit less drama than tigerwood, but still want a beautifully noticeable grain, sucupira might be an excellent choice for you. It has reddish brown and golden brown colours, and a handsome, irregular pattern that is unmistakably natural. It can darken subtly over time if left in intense sunlight. At 2,140 on the Janka scale, it’s also exceptionally tough.

Jatoba: Subtle Yet Strong

When it comes to durability, however, jatoba takes first place. This hardwood has a rating of 2,350 on the Janka scale, and is so dense and strong that it’s both fire and bug resistant. In appearance it has a very subtle grain, and tends to have reddish tones no matter what stain is applied to it.

Durability and Value

Many exotic hardwoods are known for being very durable, and the four species in our collection are no exception. These woods are all great choices for busy homes with lots of foot traffic, and they can last for many years without showing much wear and tear.

All of these woods perform well even in conditions of higher humidity. If you are concerned with how humidity can affect your flooring over time, then any of these would be a good option. That being said, if you accidentally splash water on your floor it’s important to mop it up — standing water can impact the appearance of any hardwood floor.

Exotic hardwood flooring is a great investment for your home. All of these varieties will not only increase your home’s value with their sheer beauty, but their rarity is an added attraction as well.

XPression: Expert Guidance

If you are searching for flooring that stands out, rather than blending into the background, then your search can stop with exotic wood.

Our flooring experts are highly knowledgeable and always happy to answer your questions. We can also help with flooring installation.

Simply drop by our showroom or give us a call for a quote at 613-688-2080.

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