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Hardwood Flooring


Red Oak Flooring

With its excellent durability and timeless appeal, red oak flooring will make a beautiful addition to your home.

It’s very easy to stain red oak wood, which means it’s available in almost every hue, from its natural pinkish tan through dark brown to black.

From our Collection

  • Winery: Red-Oak Sauvignon

  • Winery: Red-Oak Malbec

  • Winery: Red-Oak Cabernet

  • Winery: Red-Oak Brunello

  • Wild West: Red-Oak Walnut

  • Wild West: Red-Oak Urban Grey

  • Wild West: Red-Oak Pyramid

  • Wild West: Red-Oak Nevada

  • Wild West: Red-Oak Natural

  • Wild West: Red-Oak Moka

  • Wild West: Red-Oak Haze

  • Wild West: Red-Oak Graphite

  • Wild West: Red-Oak Copper Gunstock

  • Wild West: Red-Oak Charcoal

  • Red Oak Natural Select

Benefits of Red Oak Flooring


Red oak has excellent durability, with a Janka rating of 1290. Anything over 950 is considered good for flooring, but if a wood is too hard it can be more difficult and expensive to install and resand, and can be prone to cracking. Red oak is well within the Goldilocks zone and will resist most of the scratches that daily life has to offer.

Red oak is also highly stable over time. It’s less susceptible to the effects of humidity, so it won’t expand and contract as much as some other species.

If needed, red oak hardwood flooring can be resanded and refinished.

Beauty and Colours

Oak floors have a classic look, and are one of the most popular choices for hardwood flooring.

Red oak has a beautiful grain structure that’s ideal for camouflaging any scratches from accidental damage, so it will age beautifully.

Thanks to its more porous surface, red oak takes stains extremely well and provides wonderfully even colour results across each plank. Like almost all hardwood floors, if left unstained, oak will deepen to a richer amber colour over time. Red oak’s pinkish tone will minimize this effect.

If you’re trying to decide between red oak and white oak, red oak has a slightly more pinkish tone and a slightly finer grain structure.

Easy to Maintain

Maintenance for red oak flooring will depend on the finish, so be sure to consult the manufacturer’s instructions. Overall, however, it is very easy to maintain red oak hardwood.

No special cleaners are required for this type of flooring: just sweep or vacuum for everyday cleaning.

Periodically, you can use a damp mop and a small amount of dish detergent for a deeper clean. Remember that water is the enemy of wood, so be sure to dry your floors with a soft cloth right after you mop, and never leave any pools of standing water.

Environmentally Friendly

Red oak grows throughout North America which makes this hardwood not only an affordable choice but a green one as well.

Almost all of our flooring is sourced right here in Canada, which not only supports our economy but helps lower the carbon footprint too.

XPression: Expert Guidance

If you have questions about using red oak for your home, please reach out to us.

Our flooring experts are highly knowledgeable and always happy to answer your questions. We can also help with flooring installation.

Simply drop by our showroom or give us a call for a quote at 613-688-2080.

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